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  • What is protein spiking?


    Whey protein powder Protein Powder


    When you select a protein powder you expect it to be packed full of… Read More ...

  • Products now available at Maxx Supplements retail location

    We're pleased to announce that products are available to purchase in person at Maxx Supplements.

    Store address:

    2816 St Johns St #1,Port Moody, BC V3H 2C1

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  • Should you take a multi-vitamin?

    Many people take a multivitamin every day and believe in their role in maintaining good health. Others will swear up and down that multivitamins do nothing for you and are simply a waste of your money. So the question is: Is there any real benefit to taking a multivitamin and should you be someone that takes one? That answer is a little complex.

    The Harvard School of Public Health gives some solid advice about taking vitamins in general. These include the ideas that you likely don’t… Read More ...

  • Stay Healthy & Active with VegeGreens Multi & PhytoBerry Multi

    After a long winter hibernation, summer brings a renewed sense of vitality and a desire to be outdoors and active. With this increase in activity, comes an increase in the physical demands we place on our bodies and, in turn, an increase in free radical production. Free radicals are reactive compounds that are produced naturally by our bodies but we are also exposed to free radicals in our environment through chemicals in our food, water and air. When these free radicals come in contact with… Read More ...